When one of your main characters is broken…


Annette after surgery

…in real life.

I haven’t been neglecting writing. Actually, I’ve been writing and revising non-stop for all of June and now July. Since my initial blog post, I finished my first draft, took an amazing two-week road trip to Portland, revised a second draft, and then life went insane somewhere between getting home from our trip and right now.

Along with a slew of other crazy things going on, Annette had a major surgery last Thursday. She just turned 9 months old and she needed to have a corrective surgery for her luxating patella before she stopped growing. That means 8 to 12 weeks of recovery for bone and flesh to heal. She’s a tough little pistol, but she’s only a little thing and surgery terrifies me. She isn’t technically “broken” but that little skip in her step could lead to worse things if we don’t repair it now.

I know this post isn’t strictly book-related, but Nettie is officially a character out of Beyond the Bramble, so anything pertaining to her is legitimate. My next post will be more visual and story-focused!

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