The Advance Reader’s Copy

Advance Reader Cover.jpg

Feast your eyes on this beautiful cover art – I hope it makes you excited for the chance to read the book behind it! Bailey Quillin Cooper (check out Bailey’s Blog) did an incredible job with this advance reader’s cover. She created an eye-catching illustration that really captures the personality of three of the main characters and gives the reader a few hints about what they might encounter within the story.

On Wednesday, a big stack of these advance reader books will be showing up at my front door. I have no intention of self-publishing my book, these printed mock up books are still just rough drafts and the intention is that I can hand my test readers something physical. Already, I’ve sent digital copies to ten different readers from four different countries. Up until this point, it was only myself, the editor (Mr. Bacavis), the illustrator, the beta-reader, and a couple of close friends who had even read the book. The responses were all encouraging and it helped to propel me forward through all the editing and re-writing. A big thank you to all of them!

But let’s be real; it felt safe before, but now my creation – or “baby” – is going to be read by a wide range of different readers. It is actually very terrifying for me. I have to constantly fight the voice inside that says, “Everyone will hate it! It is so trite – and talk about a boring book… yeesh!” (My inner voice is a total jerk and an unfair critic of everything I do).

However, in spite of my complete terror and unease, this is thrilling. I am inching closer to a goal I have been passionate about since putting together my first handmade books as a kid. Creating stories has always been a natural thing for me (my mom has the file folders of childhood writing to prove it). I am a writer. Now, I’m getting the opportunity to prove it to myself and to actual readers. Let the madness begin!

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